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Rivnut Tool and Tapping Tool

Rivnut Tool

T-7767RNA600 Rivnut Tool

Taylor Pneumatic T-7767RNA350 T-7767RNA600 Rivnut Tool

Tool comes standard with one hand, either 6-32, 8-32, 10-24, 1/4-20, 5/16-18, M3, M4, M5, M6, OR M8. Additional heads available separately.

Model# T-7767RNA350 T-7767RNA600
Length 7-3/8" 7-3/8"
Height 6" 6"
Weight 2.12 lbs 2.12 lbs
Air Pressure 90 PSI Max. 90 PSI Max.
RPM 350 600
Range 8-32, M4 to 5/16-18, M8 6-32, M3 to 1/4-20, M6

M3 - M12 Tapping Tool


Taylor Pneumatic T-9800 Tapping Tool

Tapping Capacity M3-M12 (Aluminum)
M3-M8 (Steel)
Free Speed 150 RPM
Length 7.87"
Weight 4.10 lbs.
Air Pressure 90 PSI Max.

Smooth, quite and powerful

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