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Taylor Hose Swivels

1/4", 3/8" and 1/2"

T-7924 1/2" NPT

Taylor Pneumatic T-7924 1/2"

T-7923 3/8" NPT

Taylor Pneumatic T-7923 3/8" NPT

T-7922R 1/4" NPT with regulator

Taylor Pneumatic T-7922R 1/4" NPT with regulator

T-7922 1/4" NPT

Taylor Pneumatic T-7922 1/4"

Universal hose swivels allow more freedom of movement when attached to your air tool

T-#23450 Hose Swivel 7/8-24 Fits our T-#2,3,4 chipping Hammer. Remove air inlet - screw into handle.

Taylor Pneumatic T-23451 Hoes Swivel 7/8" NPT

T-#23451 Hose Swivel 3/8" NPT. Fits all tools with 3/8" NPT. Screws into inlet.

Hose Swivel 3/8" NPT fits all tools with 3/8" NPT. Screws into air inlet.

Taylor Pneumatic T-#23451 Hose Swivel for 3/8" NPT

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